Weather you need information on our warranties, ULC Certification, water resistance, technical specifications or on our selection of over 110 colors and textures, you will find all the documentation on the Stretch Ceiling latest and most advanced technology and related products.

Reflexio’s Stretch Ceiling Technical Catalogue is the best tool for architects and designers seeking all the details on the profiles and other advanced components created by Vecta Design.

View Stretch Ceiling Technical Catalogue

Reflexio proudly features its Stretch Ceiling Color Collection provided by Vecta Design. You will find in this documentation all details pertaining to mat, satin, glossy, or metallic finishes along with translucent films for back-lighting and micro-perforated materials for acoustics. Enough to fulfil anyone’s most creative ambitions!

View Stretch Ceiling Color Collection

At Reflexio Ceilings, we proudly stand next to our manufacturer by offering Vecta Design’s exclusive Lighting Solutions to our prestigious clientele looking for a worry-free unique product yet at an affordable price.

View Stretch Ceiling Technical Specifications for Light Solutions

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