Water Damaged Ceiling

How to deal with a water damaged ceiling

Water damaged ceilings can be a problem even if you do not suffer from a leaking roof. Condensation or moisture from a bathroom, kitchen or general indoor humidity can get into the drywall or fiberboard of your ceiling and create unsightly stains.

Water damaged ceilings are not just an issue in homes. Commercial buildings can also suffer from this problem. This is especially true of places like restaurants where it is difficult to control the indoor climate.

It might not be an easy fix

How can you fix a water damaged ceiling? Usually, you cannot simply paint or plaster over the stain because the moisture will still be there underneath your “patch” causing problems. Fixing a damaged ceiling involves removing the wet drywall, plaster or paneling and replacing it. It is also helpful to eliminate the source of the moisture itself so that the problem does not repeat itself in the future.

What if you avoided water damage in the first place?

The best remedy for a water damaged ceiling is not to have water damage in the first place. This is possible with a water resistant ceiling. Reflexio Design creates and installs aluminum composite suspended ceiling tiles that are not only water and moisture resistant, but fire resistant as well.

Any moisture that does make it to the reflective tiles can be easily wiped away. This makes Reflexio an ideal option for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, restaurants, retail outlets, offices and any room that has suffered from water damaged ceilings in the past.

Water Damaged Ceiling Ottawa Gatineau Outaouais Water Damaged Ceiling Ottawa Gatineau Outaouais

What if a drop ceiling does not fit?

Reflexio’s suspended ceiling does have thin (3 mm thick) tiles, but in places where there is not room or support for a drop ceiling frame, a stretch ceiling might be an option. This thin covering has the same water resistant qualities as the suspended ceiling, but it is a single membrane, so it can be stretched across an entire room without the need for a drop frame. Instead, the stretch ceiling is fastened to the walls by a special frame and clip-locking system.

Both of these products are logical solutions to the problem of water damaged ceilings because you can simply install them and never have to worry about moisture damage again.

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