Stretch ceiling in Orléans

Transform the appearance of your residential ceiling or add style to your business with a stretch ceiling!

To have a stretch ceiling installed in Orléans, contact Reflexio Design. You will receive attentive service tailored to your needs and the highest quality installation.

Stretch ceilings are flexible canvases that stretch when heated during installation. They add a touch of modernity to homes and businesses (shops, hotels, showrooms, restaurants, etc.). Furthermore, they are affordable and can be installed quickly.

Our team sells and installs stretch ceilings as well as suspended ceilings (panels), textured ceilings, and acoustic ceilings.

The upscale style of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are made of vinyl canvas (available in various colors and finishes) that is heated to be perfectly smooth. The canvas is cut to the dimensions of the room before installation and is placed approximately 2.5 cm from the existing ceiling.

A stretch ceiling has a modern and avant-garde appearance. It can be installed to conceal a damaged or stucco ceiling or to give a different look to a commercial space. Some homeowners or business owners have a stretch ceiling installed in part of a large room with a high ceiling to create a more intimate atmosphere.

With numerous advantages, stretch ceilings are resistant to moisture, condensation, and fire, while remaining airtight. This makes them ideal for securing the premises of clinics, laboratories, or hospitals that need to be as sterile as possible. Moreover, stretch ceilings are very durable and recyclable.

Stretch ceiling Orleans

What lighting options are available for a stretch ceiling?

On stretch ceilings, it is possible to attach lighting fixtures to hooks or on a plate (cross-shaped or not) by pre-drilling the canvas. You can have a chandelier or recessed lighting installed. The latter should be screwed onto a substructure support.

LED lamps are preferred for lighting on stretch ceilings, as they do not heat up and do not leave stains. Incandescent, halogen, or compact fluorescent lamps can also be used. During the installation of your stretch ceiling, our technicians will work with your electrician to install the lighting fixtures you have chosen.

Stretch ceiling in Orleans Stretch ceiling in Orleans Stretch ceiling in Orleans

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