Water Stain on Ceiling

What to do with a water stain on the ceiling

When you have a water stain on the ceiling, there are a number of different ways to fix it. Ideally, you will first find the source of the moisture and remove it. This could mean resealing a leaking pipe or roof or working to eliminate condensation.

This is easier said than done, especially in humid climates and in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. The problem is that the most common types of ceiling materials, drywall-and-plaster or fiberboard drop ceilings, are prone to staining and tend to absorb and retain moisture instead of drying.

Replacing the affected area

Suspended ceilings have separate panels, so it is easier to repair a water stain on the ceiling. Instead of knocking out the affected drywall and replacing it, all you have to do is pop out the stained panel and replace it with a new one.

The problem is that the most common types of ceiling panels are made from fiber composites that seem to attract moisture. Yes, it might be cheap to buy a replacement when you find a water stain on the ceiling, but this could lead to a never-ending cycle of stain and replacement.

Find a water resistant alternative

One of the best ways to deal with water stains on the ceiling is to find a ceiling material that does not get damaged by moisture. Reflexio Design has a line of water resistant ceiling options that can end the problem of water stains on the ceiling forever.

Reflexio’s water resistant drop ceiling panels are 3 mm thick and are made from an aluminum composite material. They do not absorb moisture, so they will never be affected by stains. When water does collect on the surface, you simply have to wipe it away. This easy cleaning means that these tiles will never have to be replaced because of water stains.

Reflexio Design Reflexio Design

Practical and attractive

Practical traits like water resistance often come with drawbacks in terms of attractiveness. That is not the case with Reflexio’s ceilings. The reflective surface and variety of color choices means that not only will the panels deal with the problem of water stains on the ceiling, they will also provide an attractive, modern appearance that will fit with almost any design scheme.

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