Stretch ceiling in Stittsville

A stretch ceiling will instantly give your home or business a classic and stylish look!

To have a stretch ceiling installed in Stittsville, rely on the Reflexio Design team. We have many years of experience in the sale and installation of interior systems (stretch ceilings, suspended ceilings, popcorn ceilings, textured ceilings, acoustic ceilings, etc.).

What is a stretch ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is made of a single high-quality vinyl membrane (canvas) that is placed over an existing ceiling. This custom-sized canvas is installed approximately 2.5 cm or more below the ceiling and is stretched using a device that produces heat at around 40°C. Fixing profiles (made of aluminum or PVC) are previously installed around the perimeter of the room, and the edges of the canvas are locked into them. This way, the ceiling is uniformly stretched and does not need support from above.

Stretch ceilings are very stylish and can be installed in homes or businesses. They are very lightweight and come in various colors and finishes. A stretch ceiling can also be installed on self-supporting walls.

Stretch ceiling Stittsville

Advantages of stretch ceilings

A stretch ceiling offers a modern and refined appearance. The choice of colors and finishes allows you to add personality to the rooms in a home or business. Moreover, stretch ceilings are airtight and non-flammable. This eliminates dust and makes the environment more sterile, which is perfect for hospitals or medical clinics.

Stretch ceiling or suspended ceiling?

Reflexio Design also sells and installs cutting-edge suspended ceilings that enhance the appearance of commercial premises, office buildings, homes, and residential buildings. These are panels that replace traditional ceilings, and our technicians suspend them using a support system within 2 inches of the ceiling (to provide access to pipes and electrical wires).

Suspended ceilings cost a fraction of the price of drywall ceilings. They do not warp or stain; they maintain their brilliant appearance even in the presence of moisture and water. Just like stretch ceilings, they are fire-resistant because they are made of aluminum composite, which is a non-combustible material. Various panel sizes and colors are available.

Stretch ceiling Stittsville Stretch ceiling Stittsville Stretch ceiling Stittsville Stretch ceiling Stittsville

Contact us

To purchase and have a stretch ceiling installed in Stittsville (or a suspended ceiling), contact the Reflexio Design team at 819-664-7971 or email us at We will help you make your choice and install your new ceiling to perfection.

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