Stretch Ceiling

Stretch Ceilings: a Unique Approach to Customization and Design

The Reflexio Stretch Ceiling provides a creative solution to the problem of finding the right size for a design improvement. The ceiling is a single membrane made of a vinyl-based composite material. It is cut to the exact necessary size and then stretched smoothly over the entire ceiling space.

The material can also be used to cover self-supporting walls or other spaces. Reflexio installs these unique ceilings in commercial and residential properties in the wider Ottawa-Gatineau area.

How does it work?

The stretch ceiling is attached to the perimeter with a specially-made clip-locking harpoon system. This design is meant to keep the ceiling stretched at a uniform tension. This makes it possible to have a room covering that is not attached to the above frame in any way.

The material that Reflexio uses to create the ceilings is extremely lightweight, so it does not need support from above.

Stretch Ceiling Ottawa Gatineau Outaouais

What are the advantages?

Stretch ceilings have a number of positive traits. They are non-flammable and waterproof. This increases safety and reduces the need for maintenance or replacement. Also, the ceilings can be installed to be airtight. This makes them an obvious choice for places that require a sterile or very clean environment (such as healthcare facilities).

Because it is a single membrane, the stretch ceiling offers great acoustic properties and is perfect for helping to create a quieter environment.

Furthermore, the membrane is easy to wash, and it can be removed without an excessive amount of effort. This quality makes stretch ceilings a convenient option for spaces that require frequent maintenance or above-ceiling access.

Stretch Ceiling Ottawa Gatineau Outaouais Stretch Ceiling Ottawa Gatineau Outaouais Stretch Ceiling Ottawa Gatineau Outaouais

No sacrifices when it comes to design

Often, products that have a high amount of function are lacking when it comes to attractive design. That is not the case with the stretch ceilings. The material’s strong reflective properties creates a modern, cutting-edge feel, while the multiple color options mean that Ottawa-Gatineau property owners can find a hue that fits with their overall design plans.

This balance of stylishness, design and functionality makes Reflexio stretch ceilings an ideal choice for a variety of design improvement projects in both residential and commercial buildings in the Ottawa, Gatineau, Greater Outaouais, Eastern Ontario and have partners in Florida, USA.

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