Suspended Ceiling

Reflective Suspended Ceilings Bring Both Style and Convenience

Reflective suspended ceilings are one of the most cutting-edge innovations offered by Reflexio Design. The company provides a range of design solutions to home and building owners in the Ottawa and Gatineau area who are looking for something attractive and unique to set their property apart.

Why choose a suspended ceiling from Reflexio?

  • Suspended ceilings provide an ideal balance between cost, performance and style. The tiles are easy to install. They do not warp. Also, they do not stain, so they are extremely easy to clean, and they do not have to be replaced because of water damage or moisture.
  • The suspended ceilings also bring an element of safety to the property because the aluminum composite material that they are made with is fire resistant and non-combustible.
  • Reflexio suspended ceilings come in different panel sizes (2X2, 2X4 and 4X4) and custom sizing is available. There are 15 different color options, so Ottawa property owners can take real control over the design and feel of their spaces. In short, this is not only a one-size-fits-all product. It is highly customizable.
  • The rigid tiles are easy to install. This will cut the cost of professional installation or cut the amount of time needed for those who decide to self-install their ceiling. Reflexio, however, offers professional installation services to its customers.

Suspended Ceiling Ottawa Gatineau Outaouais

Suspended ceilings from Reflexio are perfect for retail spaces. Their reflective properties allow you to keep an eye on your merchandise without mirrors or expensive cameras. Also, it is easy to work with insertions like sprinkler systems, lights, security devices, etc.

The durability and attractiveness of suspended ceiling panels also makes them an obvious choice for restaurants, offices, and residential buildings. Since they do not stain, the panels are ideal for any space that is prone to moisture damage or leaking (such as basements and hotel bathrooms.

Property owners in the wider Ottawa area looking for an attractive and functional ceiling for their home or business should seriously consider the suspended ceiling tiles offered by Reflexio.

Suspended Ceiling Ottawa Gatineau Outaouais Suspended Ceiling Ottawa Gatineau Outaouais Suspended Ceiling Ottawa Gatineau Outaouais

To find out more about our services, please contact us. We serve all of the region of Gatineau, Ottawa, Greater Outaouais, Eastern Ontario and have partners in Florida, USA.

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